copyright reform: why IS big tech afraid ?

Despite global tech giants, such as Google and Facebook, having secured a monopoly over the internet and a solid business model in recent years, there remains one thing that they are afraid of: regulation. The regulation that they are so afraid of is not as drastic as they will have you think. In fact, it is not drastic at all. It is definitely not the "censoring" or the "breaking" of the internet as some of you might have heard. It is just the first step towards re-establishing a level playing field between big tech companies and creators in the online ecosystem

What does this mean? Well, that platforms will now have to accept responsibility for the content that they distribute. This, however, is a daunting prospect for big tech companies, who currently thrive off exploiting copyrighted works at the expense of creators. This fear, which the tech giants will claim not to have, has in fact driven the likes of Google to spend millions on getting academics to publish papers (329 between 2005-2017, to be precise) supporting their low-regulation cause. On this page you will find more information on how tech giants have managed to manipulate the debate against the proposed Copyright Directive and regulation in general. It will also show that no matter how much money you put into trying to prove a point, it will not make it anymore true.

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